LA PAZ (QHA) - Bolivia’s President Evo Morales became embroiled in the plight of US intelligence whistleblower on Tuesday night as he returned home from a visit to Russia.
His plane was diverted to Austria after Portugal and France refused it permission to cross their air space amid suspicions that Edward Snowden, had been on board, Euronews informed.
Morales had earlier voiced support for Snowden who is still searching for a country to grant him asylum.
The former intelligence contractor is by all accounts still in limbo in a Moscow airport.
Along with Morales, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who had also been in Moscow, said Snowdon deserved the world’s protection:
“If a young man of 29 years was brave enough to tell the truth – of the spying by the US and its plans to control the world – who shouldn’t protect Snowden?” asked President Maduro.
A growing number of countries have now rejected Snowden’s asylum requests. The White House which wants him prosecuted for espionage, says it is optimistic he will return to face charges soon.