Updated reports on the nighttime blast in Genichesk have been released by Novy Vizit.

Some media reports and comments published on social media by local residents claim the today’s explosion might have been a result of turf war in the Genichesk region. They also blame police for doing nothing to prevent rampant crime in the district.  

“After inspecting the blast site, demolition experts and investigators, who arrived at Genichesk from Kherson at around 1.30 a.m., confirmed a grenade launcher was used in the attack on the store’s second floor. Traces left on the store’s inner wall suggested a self-propelled projectile was used in the attack. The projectile’s fragments were also recovered at the blast site,” the report says.

According to the outlet’s reporters, the RPG-26, a hand-held antitank grenade launcher was used in the attack.

“There are witnesses claiming having seen the shooter wearing army fatigues. A composite photo of the suspect will soon be released,” said Alexander Vorobyov, Head of the the Genichesk District Administration.

According to Vorobyov, the fact that the attackers only targeted the store is a proof that they meant to do no harm to residents of the Genichesk district.

Vorobyov compared the nighttime blast to the one in Novoalekseyevka, which was qualified as an act of terrorism. According to him, the so-called ‘tightened security’ in the region after the blast did not prevent attackers from firing a grenade launcher in Genichesk.

It was reported earlier that a blast, which occurred on the second floor of Podium store located near Genichesk’s Central Market in Druzhby Narodov (formerly Maharadze) Street at around 8.30 p.m., smashed the store’s windows, sending glass shards and plastic fragments flying all over the place.