The journalist was attacked in the historic neighbourhood of Kyiv Podil, writes Katerina Venzhik, the editor in chief of the same publishing house. According to her, during the assault none of the passers-by intervened and the police was not around.

- I'm not from Podil, and I do not know, how  it used to be there. But it’s been my observation that it is the place where something devilish is going on. Literally for the last 2-3 months several well-known people were attacked there. Some were robbed, and others were hurt for no reason. Just a few days ago Leyla Kondakova was beaten and robbed. Of course at such moment passers-by just imitate the asphalt. Of course the police was not around in any of the cases. And of course, the police takes a statement, but "you know how much of these we've got." Perhaps the fact that all this is happening precisely at Podil is nothing more than a coincidence. But some reactions from the Ministry of Internal Affairs are extremely desirable. At least a thorough patrolling of the area where the gang mid-90s Troieschyna is being imitated, Venzhik resented.

Leyla heself commented on this situation in the following way, attaching her photo with bruises and abrasions:

- It's not about the area mentioned above or below, (the city-street-area region, country and so on), but about a willingness to attack ... (well, if not to kill), wrote Kondakova on her Facebook page.

For the past weeks there has been a series of assaults on journalists in the capital. The most resonant was the murder of Ukrainian Truth journalist  Pavel Sheremet. In addition, Sergei Golovnev, the Chief editor of "BiznesTsenzor", Mary Rydvan, a journalist of Forbes.Ukraina and Andrei Marusov, the Chairman of Transparency International were attacked at various times. 

Photo: Interne