“Senior management of the companies where state-owned diesel generators were installed are to return them to Krymenergo,” said Sergey Aksyonov, Head of the Crimean Government.

As of today, 476 diesel generators have been installed at Crimean companies and another 106 are currently being installed. However, 60 companies have failed to return backup power generators to Krymenergo,” said the press service of the Crimean government.

Sergey Aksyonov referred to the situation as ‘unacceptable’ and threatened to take back the generators ‘by force’ unless they are returned.

“What do you mean ‘they’re thinking about whether to return or not to return them’? They got state-owned property for free, without any amortization or rent costs, and now they’re thinking. This is unacceptable. And what if, for example, a school or maternity house will need a diesel generator? With all due respect to the businesses, this doesn’t strike me as being fair. I’m urging the senior management of the companies where the state-owned diesel generators were installed for free to return them. They have one week to do that. If the matter isn’t settled within a week, the generators will be taken back by force and the companies blacklisted,” said Aksyonov.

It was reported earlier that mobile generators, some of which were stolen, started to be brought into Crimea from Russia after the peninsula’s annexation.