Activists of “Emel” youth organization carried out improvement works at the Muslim cemetery of Sofiyevka village of Simferopol district of Crimea. The action was conducted in the framework of all-Crimean action for improving Crimean mosques and cemeteries, informs web site of the All-Ukrainian association of public organizations “Al Raid”. Earlier this month, “Emel” members organized a work day at the construction site of a mosque in Gvardeyskoye village. This time, “Emel” announced fundraising for the purchase of necessary materials as the fence of the cemetery needed complete replacement. According to head of organization Muslim Dervishev such actions at mosques and cemeteries are conducted several times during a year. “Unfortunately not always local communities join us, but his time great assistance was rendered to us by local residents, Ayder Bekirov and Arsen Aliyev. They helped to purchase grid for the fence and transport materials to the cemetery. We would like to thank them very much for that,” said Dervishev. During the work day, activists had put up 70 meters of fence around the cemetery. Poles and wire were used to mark the boundaries of the remaining unfenced territory. The participants expressed willingness to complete the full fencing of the territory in the near future.