(QHA) -

A mosque in Crimean village of Oktyabrskoye was robbed Feb 9. Unknown men broke the safe for donations and seized the money. There was not more than 4 thousand rubles ($ 60).

“The incident occurred after the evening and before the night prayers. The mosque is always opened for prayers at this time. We close it after the morning prayer and open it in the evening. The robber probably seized the right moment”- head of local Muslim community Usein Kirimov said, Crimean Muftiyat reports.

The police have investigated the sight, a protocol of the incident was drawn up.

According to Kirimov, it is not the first case of robbery in the village. The same incident took place in Oktyabrskoye 4 years ago, the robber was found and punished.

Local residents hope that criminal will be found soon.