(QHA) - A total of 92 bodies have been found in Niger’s Sahara desert, Niger security forces told CNN. Stranded in the unforgiving expanses of the Desert after their vehicles broke down, scores of people, almost all of them women and children, slowly died of thirst. As reported, the migrants had been trying to reach Algeria, Azaoua Mahaman of the Synergie nongovernmental organization said. Many of the bodies were severely decomposed and appeared to have been partially eaten by animals. The travelers were hoping to find a better life for themselves in Algeria, trying to escape the extreme poverty and economic hardships in Niger, said Mahaman. To be noted, the poverty rate in Niger is one of the highest in the world. The World Bank puts the annual per-capita income at just $360, and the country lies second from bottom in the U.N.'s Human Development Index. Less than 30% of adults are literate, and life expectancy is only 57.5 years.