ANTALYA (QHA) - On the night of 17th and 18th July in Side-Anadolu hospital in Antalya (Turkey) 6 years old Emir passed away, who drowned on 4 of July in the swiming-pool and was under the water about 7 minutes.
Doctors struggled for his life during two last weeks, at the same time boy was in coma.
It would be reminded that this tragic event happened in one of the hotels in Antalya. Little boy drowned in the swimming-pool and was under the water about 7 minutes. Then he was rescued and taken to the local hospital.
Six years old Emir K.’s parents (family name is not given due to parents’ request) – Ruslan and Emine came to Turkey several weeks ago. His father had some business in Turkey, and Emir’s mother Emine hoped to treat her elder son, who suffers from allergy.
On the 4th of July hotel workers took K. family’s children to the swimming-pool. They offered Ruslan to let them bring 6 years old Emir there and father agreed.
After two hours Ruslan got bad news, his son find himself in the swimming-pool unattended. Kid could not keep on water... Altogether boy was under the water about 7 minutes.
Emir was rescued by man, who was near to him. According to eyewitness account, when this accident happened no hotel workers, who had to watch the boy, were not near to him.
Six years old Emir was in Side-Anadolu hospital. Kid was in coma, all internal organs were fine except lungs. Only artificial pulmonary ventilation kept up his life.
The local police started their investigation about this accident.
QHA editorial staff presents their condolences to Emir’s close people. Rest in peace.