About 30 Crimean Tatar families are left without roof over their heads after the three-storied apartment building, where they resided burned down in Gaspra (Big Yalta). The head of secretariat of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev said this to QHA news agency. The residents called for help after failed to put down the fire themselves. The fire-brigade managed to extinguish fire in several hours. 65 people were evacuated, among them sick people. According to preliminary data, circuit in the electrical networks of the building could be the cause of the fire. A special commission keeps on investigating. The authorities have provided the fire victims temporary housing in nearby health resorts in Gaspra. “People are provided with all necessary. A special committee is to decide whether it is possible to reconstruct the building”- said head of Committee for interethnic relations and migration of Yalta city council Zaur Smirnov. In turn Zair Smedlyaev called on Crimeans to help those who stayed homeless. “30 Crimean Tatar families are left homeless. Let us not leave them alone with their problem, let’s help them!”- he said.