United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) considered and approved the proposal of Turkey to mark in 2014 in cooperation with Ukraine a 100-year death anniversary of the prominent Crimean Tatar educator and public activist Ismail Gasprinskiy, according to islam.com.ua. Thus, under the auspices of UNESCO, events in honor of Ismail Gasprinskiy will take place. “Ismail Gasprinskiy was not only a reformer and educator, a fighter with illiteracy and supporter of education in native language, but also an ardent supporter of women’s education and emancipation,” stated the application from Turkey. It is known that together with his daughter he published the first magazine for women “Alem-I Nisvan”, which discussed housework, child-rearing, handicrafts, gave information about health and religion. Gasprinskiy believed that progress required educational reforms, modernization of teaching methods; he advocated for socio-economic cooperation and cultural exchange.