Marta Kuzma, a Ukrainian, named the dean of the Yale School of Art, which is considered to be the oldest in the US, Platforma reports President of the Yale University Peter Salovey as saying.

“I am absolutely convinced that she will develop a unique vision for the Yale School of Art. Marta Kuzma is able to inspire students to courageous decisions, and she recognizes the importance of new contexts for the artists and art,” said Peter Salovey. 

It is worth noting that Marta Kuzma became the first woman to head the Yale University School of Art.

Marta Kuzma has more than 20 years of curatorial experience in different countries. In the mid-nineties, she was the founding director of the Soros Center for Contemporary Art in Kiev. Then, she served as director of the Office for Contemporary Art Norway, International Center of Photography in New York City and the Washington Project for the Arts. Recently, she has been head of the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Photo: Internet