ANKARA (QHA) - The 11th Turkish Olympics, organized by International Turkish Association (TURKCEDER), continued on Sunday with programs in the Black Sea region provinces of Trabzon and Karabuk, and also in Isparta and Adana in the Mediterranean region, Anadolu Ajansi reported.
Sixty students coming from Turkish educational institutions in 20 countries participated at the events, singing songs and reciting poetry that find their place in Turkish literature and popular culture, as well as performing folk dance shows.
Turkish Minister of Environment and City Planning Erdogan Bayraktar said the Olympics have now become a passion in the way of supporting steps towards global peace.
"We (as the historic Turkish nation) once taught the world peace, brotherhood and civilization. We didn't exploit states and peoples like other major powers," Bayraktar said.
"Today, the whole world wants brotherhood, peace and tranquility to prevail. Such organizations will help in ending the oppression people suffer in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and in various places the world over."
Bayraktar thanked the teachers and volunteers that "have roved the earth for over twenty years, teaching the Turkish language in 140 countries."
In the Karabuk leg of the Turkish Olympics, Justice and Development (AK) Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin said he was exhilarated that the organization, which he has followed since its inception eleven years ago, took place in his hometown Karabuk and thanked the organizers and contributors.
"We listened to our folk songs sung by children coming from various countries in the world, and even watched folk dances," Sahin said. "It was very touching."
Isparta Governor Memduh Oguz, in his remarks at the program there, compared his city with Mecca, Madina and Jerusalem, all held sacred in the Islamic religion, saying that those cities were "reputable", while Isparta was "responsible" as a center of knowledge.
"The world will one day be looking at Turkey, as Turkey will be looking at Isparta," he said.
In the Adana leg, Avni Cos, the city governor, said he watched the performing children in admiration.
"These children will be the architects of universal love and peace," Cos said. "The more their number increases in fine educational institutions all around the world, the more quickly universal peace will be established and the more lasting it will be."