The Ministry of Education promised to create the online portal for Crimean graduates and provide them with quotas for entering universities, 112 TV channel reports Serhiy Kvit, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, as saying at a briefing. 

“As for entrants from Crimea, we are creating a working group dealing with Crimean issues. We also have applications from activists regarding the entrants from Donbas. However, this year, we have not received the applications from Crimean students willing to study in Ukrainian universities,” Serhiy Kvit said.  

According to him, the lack of appeals from Crimean students is caused by their fear that they have been isolated from Ukraine for a long period and Ukrainian universities might not be interested in them. 

“With regard to graduates from Crimea, we decided to create special quotas, which are mainly established for foreign residents, but Crimeans are not foreigners, they live in the temporarily occupied territory. We also have an idea to create an online portal for Crimean graduates to facilitate their entrance to Ukrainian educational institutions,” the Minister said.