Simferopol (QHA) -

‘Modern Russian - Crimean Tatar dictionary’ by Vadim Mireyev and Alexander Goryainov was presented in Crimean Tatar library named after I. Gasprinskiy in Simferopol. The dictionary contains more than 55 thousand of words, word combinations and sentences translated into Crimean Tatar. The dictionary also contains a list of original Crimean Tatar names of Crimean towns and villages. The peculiarity of the dictionary lies in the fact that it is written in Latin alphabet. According to the authors, it took them more than three years to prepare the dictionary. Special focus was paid to modern everyday, scientific, technical and socio-political lexicon. The dictionary was published in 300 copies. The authors are looking for sponsors to publish more copies. Crimean Tatar writers, educational workers, representatives of public organizations and students attended the presentation. They highly appreciated the work.