Instead of scheduled 38 first classes with education in Crimean Tatar language for 607 Crimean Tatar first graders, only 35 national classes for 602 first graders were opened in Crimea, Maarif Association of Crimean Tatar Educators reports.

The members of association claimed that the reduction of national classes stems directly from the neglect by heads of regional administrations and principals the ‘Guidelines for formation of curricular in educational institutions of the Republic of Crimea for 2015/2016 academic year’ issued by the Minister for Education, Science and Youth in Crimea.

For reference: Last year, 57 first classes with education in Crimean Tatar language for 947 children were opened on the basis of 46 schools with education in Crimean Tatar, Russian and two or three foreign languages. As of Aug.19, 2015, at total of 38 first classes, with education in Crimean Tatar language, were scheduled to open for 607 children. But situation changed for the worse: only 36 classes (instead of 38) were opened on Sept. 1. Moreover, as of Sept. 16 there were only 35 first classes with education in national language for 602 first graders on the basis of 29 schools. This is much less than in the past academic year.