AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - 92% of 15 thousands Crimean school-leavers selected Russian for the external independent evaluation’s tests this year. 7% of university entrants passed tests in Ukrainian and none of people did not want to pass them in Crimean Tatar, Radio Liberty informed.
Experts noted school-leavers of the Crimean Tatar schools and forms do not feel themselves confidently because they do not know Crimean Tatar well. They stressed this problem would exist as long as the education system will be able to guarantee the quality education in Crimean Tatar for the pupils of the Crimean Tatar schools: there is no teachers, no qualitive textbooks up to now.
The Crimea’s ministry of education informs about 16 schools with the Crimean Tatar teaching in the autonomy. However, headmasters emphasize these institutions are the Crimean Tatar schools only on paper. Actually, they are schools with thorough study of Crimean Tatar at the best. Beginning since 5 form, all subjects are taught in Russian in 15 schools and in Ukrainian – in 1 school.
Nevertheless, the head of the Maarifçi Association of Crimean Tatar Educators, Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of ARC, Ms Safure Qacahmet considers the Crimean Tatar schooling goes through the transition period. Therefore, she sees “nothing terrible” although she recognizes the local education ministry pays a little attention to prepare the Crimean Tatar school-leavers to the finals. But Ms Qacahmet thinks: “We shall come to this in 5 years on conditions that the Ministry of Education of Crimea will assist us”.