The first national Crimean Tatar school, which was opened in Crimea after the deportation in 1944 is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The school is located in Buyuk Onlar settlement and is named after prominent Crimean Tatar educator Ismail Gasprinskiy. During all these years, about 800 young people graduated from the school. Twenty years ago the school started at the initiative of teachers, parents and the community of Buyuk Onlar settlement. Local authorities provided assistance with the opening of the school. The building, which was not designed for the educational process, was repaired and classes began. In 2006 the building was renovated with the support of TIKA Agency (Turkey), in 2011 several classrooms were refurbished again with the assistance of the Ministry of Education of Crimea and organizations “Alraid” and “Maarifchi”. But still, today the school lacks its own gym, assembly hall and dining room. At present the school has 14 classrooms and a museum. There are 38 teachers and about 260 students at school. “Our school is the first Crimean Tatar school in Crimea after deportation. Later, 14 more Crimean Tatar schools were opened in other parts of Crimea,” said the school Principal Alime Smedlyaeva at the celebration ceremony. She informed that 28 students graduated from the school with the gold medal, 4 students- with the silver medal; 350 graduates have entered higher educational institutions.