Documentary about prominent Turkic educator Ismail Gasprinsky is being filmed in Crimea. The shootings are taking place in Simferopol and Bakchisaray, where Gasprinsky had lived almost all his life. The film is directed by chief editor of a Russian TV company Al-RTV Rustam Arifjanov. “Al-RTV is the first all-Russian TV channel about Muslims and for Muslims. We are doing a series about Muslims that Russia is proud of,” said Arifjanov. The work of Ismail Gasprinsky is significant not only for Crimean Tatars, Ukraine and Russia but for the whole Turkic world. He created a new system of Muslim education. “This is needed for contemporary youth, because now there are new trends, which are uncharacteristic of traditional Islam. The forbidden trends were not accepted by our ancestors. Teaching of Gasprinsky is the religion of our fathers,” says film director. The shootings will be finished by late November-early December. The film will run on Al-RTV channel in January; it is also scheduled to run on other Russian channels. Note: Ismail Gasprinsky (March 8, 1851 - September 11, 1914) was a Crimean Tatar intellectual, educator, publisher and politician. He was one of the first Muslim intellectuals in the Russian Empire, who realized the need for education and cultural reform and modernization of the Turkic and Islamic communities. His last name comes from the town of Gaspra in Crimea. Ismail Gasprinsky communicated his ideas mainly through the newspaper “Terjiman” he founded in 1883, which existed till 1918. In his publications he called for unity and solidarity among the Turkic peoples and advocated their modernization through Europeanization. He believed that the only way for modernization was through education. He widely criticized traditional education system in Muslim schools focusing much on religion and devised a new method of teaching children how to read effectively in their mother tongue and introduced curricular reforms.