Simferopol (QHA) -

Center for child’s development ‘Fidanchiq’ opened its doors in Simferopol. The Center has conducted its first lesson of Crimean Tatar language for preschoolers. Enise Abibullayeva, one of the founders of the Center has told this in her interview to QHA news agency.

The main purpose of ‘Fidanchiq’ is to teach Crimean Tatar preschool children their mother tongue and culture.

“We have developed a program for preschoolers to develop their thinking and language skills in Crimean Tatar language. Now we would like to try it out. The result of the work is very important for us, that is why we conduct the lessons ourselves”, says Enise about herself and her co-founder Leyla Belyalova.

According to her, at present there are 3 groups with 8 children in each group.

“For the lesson to be effective, there should be not more than 8 children in each group, - she stresses. The information is provided in the form of a game”.