Simferopol (QHA) - Ten Crimean students will travel to Turkey in the framework of educational program for students and young artists, informs official web site of youth organization “Qardashliq”. During 10 days in Turkey, Crimean students, accompanied by two teachers will share their experience and views on life and interact with prominent artists and writers. This educational program is prepared by the Turkish government and will take place this September in Edirne, Turkey. Such educational programs are held regularly and are part of ‘Rumeli Akademi’ project. This is the first time Crimea takes part in this program. Ten quotas for Crimean students have been received in the course of negotiations of the head of Crimean Tatar culture and support association of Edirne town Alper Yavuzeser with the authorities of the province. In summer, “Qardashliq” organization conducted interviews with active and enthusiastic art students and formed a group, which is now preparing to leave for Turkey. Young people will present Crimea at the event, which will also be attended by students from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo. According to head of “Qardashliq” youth organization, Asan Emirsaliyev, this is one of those rare occasions when young people themselves make arrangements about participation in international events. “We don’t like when same people participate in programs. So we were looking for people who don’t have much experience of participation in international events but are active and have high motivation and love for art. Most of our group’s members have never been abroad”, said Emirsaliyev.