In Crimea, less than 3% of students are being educated in Crimean Tatar language at general educational institutions. About 96,74% of children are being taught in Russian, 0,5% in Ukrainian and 2,76% in Crimean Tatar language, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth of the occupied Crimea reports.

“In particular, at the beginning of 2015 school year, a total of 5.083 children have been taught in Crimean Tatar language; 15 schools, providing education in Crimean Tatar language, function in the region. In general, the training in Crimean Tatar language is organized in 53 educational institutions of 17 municipal areas and urban districts. A total of 37 first classes have been opened in current academic year. The number of students in classes with Crimean Tatar language has increased by 188 people compared to the last year,” the Ministry reports.

Earlier, it was reported that there were no textbooks on various subjects in Crimean Tatar language at educational institution of occupied Crimea.