AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University is celebrating the 20th Anniversary today.
Several guests of honour come to felicitate the university.
Among of them are the Coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency in Ukraine Haci Bayram Bolat, Head of the Istanbul branch of the Association of culture and mutual aid of the Crimean Tatars in Turkey Celâl İçten, Head of the Eskişehir branch Mesut Ör, QHA Coordinator General İsmet Yüksel, etc.
Also the university and its Chancellor Hero of Ukraine, Professor, Dr. Fevzi Yaqub was warmly welcomed on behalf of the Baku State University, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine, İsmail Gaspralı’s Crimean Tatar Republican library, Crimean Tatar Art Museum, Crimean Tatar mass media, Crimean Tatar writers, composers, singers, etc.
“You know I am aged man. But I can say exactly I have well-spent life. I succeeded in doing something for people, for our nation. I am very happy for this!”, - Fevzi Yaqub said to QHA reporter.
İt would be recalled that the traditional alumni reunion meeting will take place within framework of the celebration of the university’s jubilee.
All departments of the CEPU present themselves on the Aqmescit’s central square today. Each department established its exhibitions hall with materials and exhibits that narrates about their activities.
Guests and inhabitants of Aqmescit will also see the concert dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the CEPU on the central square tonight.