AQMESCIT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Over %20 of registered school-leavers were not present on the test. This was said by head of the Simferopol Regional Center for Education Quality Assessment Mr. Yuriy İlyin on press conference in Aqmescit/Simferopol.
‘335.000 did register, and 60.000 did not report. This is problem on a national scale, because it causes material damage. Special tests delivered via special mail system were prepared for those people, network of testing centers were formed as well. Instructed, trained people got involved in the work in each testing center. Instructors get money for their work, thus, if we sum all these operations and convert them to the cash equivalents, we get considerable amount of wasted money’.
‘University entrants’ absence on ZNO will be seriously analyzed by Ukrainian Center for Education Quality Assessment and Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine’, noted Mr. Ilyin.
It would be recalled that External Independent Test (ZNO) procedure was passed in the period between 3rd and 27th June.