According to the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, the parties have agreed to maintain a dialogue.

He also said that the Russia spoke about the need to repay the debt. In turn, the Ukraine’s Finance Ministry reported they have not such money in the budget and proposed Russians to participate in the restructuring along with commercial lenders.

Russia's position is contrary: it is not a commercial lender, but a sovereign, so such conditions are unacceptable for it, said Siluanov. Russia is waiting for the full repayment of the debt by Ukraine in December, said the Russian minister.

Ukraine does not intend to provide any other favorable conditions, than those that have been worked out along with a group of private lenders, for Russia to repay Eurobonds for USD 3 billion, said the Ukraine’s Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko.

Earlier on, Siluanov said that Russia intends to go to court if Ukraine does not pay the debt on Eurobonds by the end of the year.