(QHA) -

Ukraine, that was cut off from Russian gas in June, to take gas from Crimea, head of Ukraine's Kherson district, Yuri Odarchenko announced.

“Despite current deadlock, there are agreements which still make gas supplies possible"- he said.

Comments from the region's chief followed the announcement by Ukraine Energy and Coal Minister Yuri Prodan that Genichesky district would receive gas as cold weather arrived.

"The minister said gas would come via transportation networks including from the territory of the Crimean peninsula,” Odarchenko said, adding that the energy supply systems of Crimea and Kherson region were closely interlinked and that Crimea received electric power from Ukraine’s southern regions.

Settlements for power supply could be tied to payment in gas, Odarchenko said.

“They [Crimean consumers] are receiving electric energy from Kherson region. So we can act accordingly and reduce power supplies if gas supplies to Ukraine are stopped,” he said.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in March, following Crimean referendum on region’s status.