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Once Ukraine signs the EU Association Agreement, it will have to adopt thirty-one ecological directives, limit the content of key contaminants to the maximum extent possible, and improve the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel, says the online newspaper Vesti, Itar-Tass informs.

Ukrainian fuel standards have not changed since the Soviet era, the chief of the Ukrainian Car Importers and Dealers’ Association, Oleg Nazarenko, said.

“In effect, the percentage of contaminants, for instance, sulfur, exceeds the European rates,” he said.

The expert added if Ukraine signed the agreement in November, car drivers would be obliged to present their vehicles for automobile safety tests as of 2016. Ukraine cancelled such tests years ago. Under the EU laws, the test becomes compulsory four years after the purchase of a new car. It is due every two years.

“According to European rules, parking lots are to be arranged for near apartment buildings, and not in green zones,” the head of the ecological association Zeleniy Mir (Green World) Yuri Samoilenko said, adding Ukraine currently had no ecological standards. It used to have some once, but at a certain point decided against having any.