– As of now, while fully serving the domestic needs for basic commodities, Ukraine is exporting agricultural products to 190 countries, announced Oleksiy Pavlenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, at a joint press conference with Deputy Chairman Nina Sidorenko - State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine at the press center of the Government.

- We initiated FoodUA flashmob, offered people, living in these countries, to send photos of products. Flashmob is gaining momentum; we’ve received photos of our goods, oil, fruits, vegetables, and honey from dozens of countries. I advise you to participate and check yourself how seriously the agricultural sector of Ukraine is represented in the world, said Alex Pavlenko.

Considering the needs of the domestic market, the Minister said that this year Ukraine would be fully provided with the basic groups of products, including milk, meat, butter and sugar. The volume of production may be reduced in proportion to the oscillations of the average annual domestic consumption.