As of Nov 11, 2015 Ukraine plans to cease purchasing Russian electricity, told the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Volodymyr Demchishin a briefing.

- We imported from Russia since one nuclear power unit in the Rovno nuclear power plant was disconnected from the system while Rovno - Kiev power line was being completed. And for that, we imported (electricity from Russia - ed.). Until Wednesday the issue would be closed, that is, on Wednesday, we are likely to cease receiving any electricity from Russia, said the Minister.

He also added that currently Ukraine has enough powery to cover the needs of domestic consumption.

Thus, the Crimea’s energy blockade, which has repeatedly been discussed by the Crimean Tatar leaders and reported by QHA (“Crimean News Agency"), has become more likely. The fact is that earlier, the blockade opponents insisted that if Ukraine cuts power supply to the peninsula, Russia can strike back. Namely - to limit the electricity supply to Ukraine, which would entail problems with the power supply to the Kharkiv and Sumy regions, bordering Russia, and could also (according to critics) provoke a crisis in the entire Ukrainian energy system.

Now, after the refusal of the Russian electricity, these risks have been reduced to zero.