The Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) had equipped three kindergartens in Belogorsk (Crimea) with kitchen and medical equipment, furniture and media equipment.

Among the gifts are beds, cabinets, bactericidal lamps, scales, medical couches, refrigerators, washing machines, food boilers, cabinet ovens, projectors, gym carpets and many others.

The ceremony to mark the transfer of gifts was attended by Coordinator of TIKA programs in Ukraine Bayram Bolat, deputy Mayor of Belogorskiy town Akim Cholahayev, deputy head of Belogorskiy district administration Nikolay Stegachev, kindergartens’ directors, parents, children and others.

“We have implemented many projects in Belogorsk before. In the framework of this project to increase capacities of three kindergartens, we have acquired various equipment, including kitchen appliances, computers, projectors, beds and so on. We do this to provide our children with better conditions to live and grow up,” said Bayram Bolat.

In the near future, TIKA together with administration of Yalova city (Turkey) plans to build a sports park in Belogorsk.