ANKARA (QHA) - Director General of Turkish Airlines (THY) Temel Kotil said, "our aim is to be the best airlines in the world at the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic in 2023."
Kotil said in the magazine "Gulf Buisness" that Turkish Airlines have the aim to have the most powerful network in the world, ANADOLU AJANSI reported.
Kotil noted, "My vision from the first day as the director general of THY was to make the best airline. The airline was established in 1923 and we hope that we we reach our aim in 2023 at the 100th anniversary."
Kotil underlined that they have the aim to expand and increased the number of seats and strenghtened their team and added, "We have our strategy based on the worst case scenario in mind."
THY increased the number of passengers 20 percent compared to the previous year (2012) to 39 million with the aim of 46 million this year and to lift it up to 90 million in 2020.