KYIV (QHA) - Poland and Ukraine in 2011-2012 exported an average of about 94,000 tons per year of fresh tomatoes. And if exports from Poland increased by 15% over five years, exports of tomatoes from Ukraine rose 4.6-fold, APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits told Ukrinform.
"A long-term growth in the production of fresh tomatoes in Ukraine due to further extension of the areas under summer greenhouses and improved efficiency of production allows us to expect the increase in export shipments of the products from the country in the medium term. Given the fact that over the past five years, Italy has reduced exports of fresh tomatoes by 10%, and Portugal - 46%, we can expect that Ukraine will exceed these countries in terms of exports of tomatoes in the next two years," says the analyst of fruit and vegetable markets Tetiana Hetman.
She noted that Ukraine is today the fastest growing exporter of tomatoes among 16 of the largest exporters of these products. The leaders of the world rankings are Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Jordan and Morocco. The exports of tomatoes from Spain are falling, while exports from other EU leaders keep on growing.