On the eve of the Day of Russia the most expensive two-way ticket to Russia-annexed Crimea was sold to a passenger from the city of Vladivostok for RUB 102 thousand, reported citing Janis Dzenis, a PR-director of Janis

According to Dzenis, at that date the average price of tickets to Crimea reached RUB 20.1 thousand. At the same time, the average holiday plane ticket cost Russian residents RUB 17.7 thousand, and this is regardless of the direction.

Dzenis has not explained whether it was a voluntary or involuntary buyer’s decision to purchase a Vladivostok- Simferopol ticket on the eve of the Day of Russia for such a substantial sum.

The flights to Crimea, temporarily controlled by Russian invaders, are carried out by 10 Russian airlines, including Red Wings, “Yamal", "Grozny Avia" and others.

Photo: Internet