The implementation of all "the plans for development of Simferopol" will require investments of RUB 200 billion over the next four years, said Ernst Mavlyutov, "chief architect" of the Crimean capital, as cited by the Crimean architectural portal.

According to him, over the next four years, it is planned to construct traffic interchanges totaling around RUB 20 billion, reconstruct and construct 120 km trunk storm sewer (roughly RUB 14 billion), build 8 schools and 18 kindergartens, Crimean Federal University, airport, as well as an Orthodox church with a chapel, a mosque and synagogue. In addition, the basin, Central Department Store (Silpo supermarket), Privoz market and city center are planned to be reconstructed as well.

However, the source of finding such ambitious plans is not yet known.

Photo: Internet