This refers to 139 plots of land in the villages of Perovo, Mirnoye, Gvardeyskoye and Rodnikovoye of Simferopol region. The company intends to negotiate the deal with the owners of the land.

However, the contact details of over 20 owners are not available, as of today.  So, they or their representatives are kindly asked to contact MA Simferopol JSC (15, Airport Square, Simferopol; tel.: +7 (3652) 59-55-16, +7 (978) 914-12-12).

The press service of the Ministry of Property and Land Relations clarified that all activities for the development of Simferopol air terminal are provided for by the Federal Target Program ‘Social and Economic Development of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol until 2020.’