Sevastopol officials said it is planned to resume the cargo-passenger ferry link between Sevastopol and Turkey by October this year. Currently, the talks are underway, reports MK.RU Crimea.

According to the governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, Turkish spokesmen are "ready to put ferries with consumer goods on the line and to transport trucks. If all goes well, the first ferries from Turkey are to arrive in October. So far, most likely, they will be cargo and passenger."

According to Menyailo, Turkey ferry link will significantly gear up the development of the Sevastopol port. He also wants to fix up marine tourist trips to Turkey.

- Weekend trip, as those when, for example, tourists are carried from Murmansk to Norway. We have a visa-free regime with Turkey, so we can make it the next way: a catamaran departs for Turkey on Saturday and returns on Sunday. We have such an idea and we have discussed it both with the Turkish partners and with our business colleagues in other organizations", said the Governor.