The gas pipeline from the Krasnodar Krai to the annexed peninsula through the bottom of the Kerch Strait is expected to be launch before the end of December 2016, Segodnya reports quoting Sergey Aksyonov, "head" of the occupied Crimea, as saying.  

“This year, it must be put into test mode until December 31. So far, according to the design capacity, the pipeline must transmit around 2.2 billion cubic meters per year. However, the thickness of the tube is designed in such a way that it can transmit up to 4 billion cubic meters per year when the pressure is increased,” Aksyonov reported.

The Crimean "authorities" also assured that 145,400 tons of fuel, 47,600 tons of coal and 18,900 tons of liquefied gas have been delivered to the peninsula from Russia since the introduction of emergency. However, given the fuel consumption via mobile generating sets, this quantity will only be enough for 36 days.

Photo: Internet