(QHA) -

Russia and Ukraine have agreed that the price of electric power supplies to Crimea, which recently became part of Russia, will amount to $99.5 (3,420 rubles) per megawatt-hour in the period from June 1 to December 31, reports ITAR-TASS quoting business daily Vedomosti.

Earlier, a source close to the Energy Ministry said that Inter RAO’s settlement center will buy electric power from Ukrainian power company Krymenergo and resell it to end consumers in Crimea. Inter RAO declined to comment.

The Crimean price is significantly higher than the price of Ukrainian supplies to other countries, Vedomosti said. The price for Hungary, Belarus, and Moldova in 2013 varied from $55 to $71.4 per megawatt-hour, or around 1,900-2,500 rubles per megawatt-hour. The higher price for Crimea is caused by political reasons, the Crimean government’s official said.

Crimean peninsula was annexed be Russia in March 2014, following Crimean referendum on region’ status.