(QHA) -

Russia’s Central Bank on Wednesday barred three Ukrainian banks from operating in Crimea, the regulator said Wednesday.

The operations of the Golden Gate bank, Neos Bank and the Credit Agricole bank have been stopped as they "failed to meet their obligations to creditors and depositors, and due to lack of prospects of resuming their activities" the TASS reports.

“Due to the above mentioned circumstances, there was no other possibility to ensure the efficient protection of the rights of depositors and clients of these banks on these territories except for stopping the operations of the banks’ branches,” the statement said.

In autumn, the Russian regulator also shut down the offices of Ukraine’s Activ Bank, Unex Bank and Legbank in Crimea.

After Crimea's unification with Russia, all the Ukrainian banks announced their decision to suspend their work in Crimea, showing the policy of non-recognition of the unification.