(QHA) -

Moscow says it would postpone further payments of the promised $15 billion loan to Kiev and is waiting to see the direction of the newly formed government, according to Russian President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev, RT reports.

President Vladimir Putin assured Ukraine they can count on the promised $15 billion in loans from Russia, but the money will only be available once a new government is formed.

“Let’s wait for the new Ukrainian government to be formed,” President Putin said.

Medvedev proposed Russia postpones the loan until “we understand what sort of government there will be, who will be working in it, and what rules they will stick to”. Medvedev’s concern was mainly fueled by the country’s inability to make regular payments for natural gas.

“Even under the lower [gas] price they are telling us that they can’t pay. This really changes the situation,” Medvedev said.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s new interim prime minister said he expects Russia to deliver on the next $2 billion installment “very soon”, as Cabinet Ministers are expecting them by the end of January, and earlier this week already agreed to issuing $2 billion of its Eurobonds for Russia.

Prime Minister Mikola Azarov bowed out of his post hoping to quell the increasingly violent street protests in Kiev and elsewhere in Ukraine. President Viktor Yanukovych is currently in hospital being treated for fever and cold symptoms, according to the President’s press service.