The decline of Russia's GDP accelerated to 4% in November 2015, according to the report of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia published for the first time over the last 11 months. Moreover, inflation has accelerated and industrial production declined.

Thus, the report states that Russian GDP fell by 3.8% in January-November; the reduction reached 4.1% in the III quarter. Besides, the reduction of industrial production reached 0.6%.

According to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, there was the decline up to 1.1% in the dynamics of investments in fixed assets in November. 

As for inflation, it has accelerated up to 0.8% in November (0.6% in September, and 0.7% in October). According to the report, the inflation in December 2015 will continue to accelerate due to the weakening of the ruble against the background of falling oil prices and inflationary expectations.

Photo from the Internet.