Head of the Russian consumer supervision unit Gennadiy Onishchenko said that Russian sanitary service has banned the import of candies and chocolates of the popular Ukrainian company Roshen. According to him, this is due to violations, informs kp.ru

“The customs services have been given instructions not to permit import of Roshen company’s production into the territory of Russia”, said Onishchenko. Russian consumer supervision unit has conducted expertise of the products from four Roshen factories- in Kyev, Vinnitsa, Mariupol and Kremenchuk.

As a result, experts concluded that the products “did not meet the required standards”. “Quality and safety requirements have been violated. We have grounds to talk about systemic violations of the existing in our country legislature regarding consumers’ rights,” announced chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation.

In particular, benzopyrene was found in the milk chocolate Roshen. “This is a sign was serious problems related to safety of this product”, said Onishchenko, quoted by Interfax.