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Crimea’s fast food customers used to buy McDonald’s Big Macs but now they’ll be offered a Czar Cheeseburger at the new food chain - ‘RusBurger’.

Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea, McDonald’s closed its three fast food outlets in April, citing problems with sourcing ingredients. It promised to find work for the former employees in neighbouring Ukraine if they wanted to relocate.

In the following weeks, there was talk that rival Burger King would take over the restaurant in Sevastopol, with the CEO of the chain's Russian operation telling Russia's ITAR-TASS news agency in April that the company was ready to fill the vacuum.

However, the plans were scotched just a day later in a statement by Burger King's US parent company.

But now, new signage has appeared on a former McDonald’s restaurant in Sevastopol, promising customers a wide variety of fast food choices as ‘RusBurger’.

RusBurger is a small chain of a dozen restaurants that promotes itself as selling the ‘Taste of Russia’.

They only use Russian produce - such as veal, vegetables and cheese - and won't have the ingredient problems its US rival faced.

“Consumers are tired of tastelessness and are missing the taste of Russia. Ours is better,” the company says in a presentation on its website.

Instead of a Big Mac, it offers Czar Cheeseburgers and Bogatyr, a sandwich named after hero warriors of ancient Russia. Instead of cola, RusBurger serves local pear lemonade.

RusBurger’s new outlet is still under construction, and is set to open at the end of the month.