Kyiv (QHA) -  Ukraine
increased natural gas production on the shelves of the Black Sea and the Sea of
Azov by %35.6 in the first half of 2013 to reach 735.9 million cubic meters,
according to the Chernomorneftegaz Company, Itar-Tass reports.

considerable increase in gas extraction comes as a result of the company’s
intensive activities aimed at developing the existing and commissioning new
gas-bearing fields on the shelf of the Black Sea, first of all the Odesskoye
gas deposit,” the company’s representative said.

the national oil and gas company of Ukraine develops seven hydrocarbons fields,
four of which are located on the Black Sea shelf and the other three - in the
Sea of Azov.

results achieved will become important for implementing Chernomorneftegaz’s
program to triple natural gas production from 1.05 billion cubic meters in 2011
to three billion cubic meters in 2015,” the company’s official said.

in Kiev suppose that accelerated development of Ukraine’s own production of
hydrocarbons is crucial for diversifying supplies of energy resources.