- Political experts told about Ukraine's debt to the IMF on August, 28 in Kiev.

- If Ukrainian debts are locked even not to government revenue, but GDP, including its sheltered income of 42-60%, any economic future, any potential for economic growth by 2040 is threatened to be killed. Any national politician who values the citizens’ trust in him and who is building a career in Ukraine would never in his life have gone for it. This decision has been made by Yaresko and noone else. As a result, the amount of debt Ukraine will pay is more than the amount it has to pay. These are manipulations and falsifications to keep in power today, said Ruslan Bortnik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Policy Analysis and Management.

- We are thought to have written off USD 3.8 billion, but in fact we haven’t, it just has been postponed up to 2019, when cooperation with the IMF is to be all over. After 2019 all the troubles associated with this debt will fall on us. The default for Ukraine is irreversible, said political expert Mikhail Pavlov.