In Crimea, public joint stocks company "Crimean Milk” ceases its work, reported Eskender Bariev, the coordinator of the Committee on Protection of the Rights of the Crimean Tatar Peopl.

According to the human rights defender, the staff was proposed either to resign or take unpaid leave.

- PJSC "Crimean milk" shuts down in Crimea. Employees are offered two options: either the dismissal or leave of absence. The dairy companies in the cities of Yevpatoriya and Razdolny also have been closed down. The reason -  low profitability of the enterprises, Eskender Bariev wrote on Facebook.

Currently, the QHA is trying to get a comment from the company's management. However, the contact phone number listed on the website is unreachable.

PJSC "Crimean Milk," founded in 1996, is the largest regional producer of natural dairy products. Its main focus was release of clean natural products.