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Global tobacco giant Philip Morris Ukraine announced the closing of its department in Crimea.

Following decision was made as there is no economical activity of Simferopol department of the company that was aimed at researching of market situation and public opinion.

In 1994, Philip Morris International (PMI) acquired a majority share of the JSC Kharkiv tobacco factory. In 1996 the factory started manufacturing the first international PMI brands in Ukraine Chesterfield and Bond Street. In 2000, the factory began producing Marlboro.

Today Philip Morris is the leading tobacco company in Ukraine with the headquarters in Kyiv, fourteen regional offices.

It manufactures numerous brands for the domestic market and for export, including Chesterfield, Bond Street, Marlboro, L&M, and Parliament.

Crimea seceded from Ukraine following local referendum and was annexed by Russia in March, the move that Kyiv, EU and US recognizes illegitimate.