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The last remaining batch of toxic rocket fuel component -- mixed acid -- kept at a storage base in Kharkiv region, will be transported away to Russia on Wednesday for disposal, reports Itar-Tass.

A Ukrainian Defence Ministry official told Itar-Tass that 790 tons of mixed acid would be pumped into tanks in the grounds of Military Unit A-2136 in Shevchenko District, Kharkiv region.

"The operation is being carried out under a Ukraine-OSCE project," the Ministry official emphasized. Fourteen special tanks, seven of which have been provided by Russia, will be used for the transportation of mixed acid. Since 2012, nine trains have already carried away about 4,000 tons, the Defence Ministry official said.

The dispatch of the last remaining batch of rocket fuel component on Wednesday will be watched by staff members of the OSCE main office, the US Embassy in Kiev, the leading officials of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry and local officials.

Mathieu Hirzen, representative of the OSCE main office, visited the storage base earlier. He said that immediately following the conclusion of this operation, the removal of the rocket fuel component would be continued at an Odessa region storage base where about 3,600 tons of mixed acid remained until recently.

Following the break-up of the Soviet Union, 16,700 tons of excessive and substandard components of rocket fuel remained in Ukraine. The mixed acid is being removed from Ukraine in implementation of the joint project with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Denmark, Spain, Germany, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Finland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and the United States have provided an aggregate of ten million euros to finance the programme.