AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - Religious Administration of the Moslems of Crimea (or the Muftiyat – ed.) calls all producers of the halâl foodstuffs to certify their production on the Crimea’s territory, the press service of the Muftiyat informs.
İn order to sell the halâl foodstuffs, producers should go through certification in the standardization and certification division in the Crimea’s Muftiyat. All producers without exception should go through certification because none of manufactures of supposedly “halâl foodstuffs” got the certificate of quality.
A list of producers who go through certification will be published in the Hidayet newspaper and on the Muftiyat’s official website.
Note: the halâl foodstuffs are production made under the Shariath and permıtted for the Moslems.