The so-called First Deputy Finance Minister of Russian-occupied Crimea Natalia Zinovieva said that RUB 46.4 million will be spent for the military-patriotic education of youth on the peninsula.

“A total of RUB 16.8 billion of the total expenditure on education, provided in the budget of the Republic of Crimea, is planned to be sent to the local governments. Some RUB 46.4 million are allocated to military-patriotic education of youth,” the press service of the Crimean Ministry of Finance reports. 

The republican budget expenditures for education in 2016 are provided in the amount of RUB 22.5 billion, which is by 3.2% more compared with the previous year,” N. Zinoveva noted. 

"Authorities" of the Republic of Crimea redrew the main financial document due to decrease in the amounts of intergovernmental transfers from the federal budget, according to Finance Minister of Crimea Irina Kiviko. At the same time the revenue and expenditure of the Crimea’s budget was reduced by RUB 1.138 billion. 

PHOTO: Internet