MOSCOW (QHA) - About one million Ukrainian citizens are working in Russia illegally. In addition, 750 thousand Ukrainians are candidates for getting an automatic ban on entry into Russia for a period of three years.
Konstantin Romodanovsky, the head of the Federal Migration Service, disclosed this at an international scientific conference on the situation in and prospects for the Russian-Ukrainian relations in Moscow on Tuesday, the correspondent of Ukrinform in Russia reported.
"Today, approximately 1.5 million citizens of Ukraine are staying in the Russian territory, of whom 111 thousand are legally employed and 350 thousand came to visit their relatives, to study, or for treatment. It turns out to be that more than a million Ukrainians are working without proper paperwork," Romodanovsky said.
However, he reminded that the Russian Federation is working to toughen penalties for violations of immigration laws.
"The legislation provides for fines, deportation, or imprisonment for up to 4 years. Earlier this year, the rules were launched, under which a foreign national who does not notify the migration service within 120 days from the date of departure from the Russian Federation will be automatically banned entry for three years. Today we have about 750 thousand citizens of Ukraine who are candidates for entry prohibition," Romodanovsky said.
According to him, on the average the Ukrainians in Russia earn more than $1 thousand a month.
The head of the Federal Migration Service reported that during the past five years, the number of Ukrainian citizens who enter the territory of Russia annually increased. In particular, 10 million arrivals of Ukrainian citizens were recorded in 2012, made by more than 3 million people. He explained that over a year a citizen can make several border crossings.
Romodanovsky believes that illegal immigration must be fought together. According to him, restrictive measures alone cannot solve the problem, so it is necessary to establish organized attraction of workers from CIS countries, including Ukraine.
"We are ready for a dialogue on the issue, but to date we do not understand to what a body of executive power of Ukraine this line of work should be attributed," he said and reminded that Russia had developed tools for legal employment.